Working Together to Best Service our Clients

At Alter Asset Management, even though we have the usual departmental divisions of Accounting, Property Management and Administration, we work together as a Team. Whether it is keeping our coworkers up to speed about the nuances of all the properties we manage or assisting one another to complete a client requirement. Our shared goal is satisfying our property owners. That’s an advantage of being a smaller company: we are all aware of what’s going on and will be happy to assist.

For years I’ve considered and disregarded the privilege of having my calls screened. Sometimes, especially at year end when there is a lot to be done in a short amount of time, I am so very tempted! But not doing so allows me to be very approachable and that’s something I’ve consciously cultivated. While I frequently receive calls that I would not normally handle I use the opportunity to expand my knowledge base. And when I do hand off a call I try to make sure that I am routing it to the best person for the situation to avoid having the call transferred multiple times. This personal touch is another advantage of being a small company. It’s all a part of Teamwork!

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