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Random thoughts to be a better property manager…..

  1. Have the ability to MULTI-TASK and remain CALM, COOL and COLLECTED when the heat gets turned up!
  2. See the BIG PICTURE, to take in input and make a sound decision based off the information that you have gathered.  Make sure you can back up your decision with why and how you chose the choice you chosen.  Others might not take the same route to get to the result, but as long as the outcome is the best and you kept your fiduciary responsibilities in mind while making your decision.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS.  Walk and talk as I used to say when working with my engineering staff.  Show me, explain to me so that I can understand and be able to explain it to anyone else that may need or want to know, or just plain to expand my knowledge.  How many times have you sat in a room full of people in meetings and at the end they ask, “Anyone have any questions?” then there is silence…….only to be met with a barrage of chatting (once the person has left the room) with tons of questions.  SPEAK UP!  Ask the question, because someone else is wondering the same thing.  No questions is a stupid question.
  4.  Enlist an expert TEAM of employees and vendors and build those relationships with the walk and talk, explain to me why relationship.  In addition don’t just take one person’s word for it, ask and ask again for input from others.  If it doesn’t seem right, most likely it is not!  In the wise words of Oprah listen to your internal voice.
  5. Play devil’s advocate or have another person or partner in the office to BOUNCE ideas off of.  The best relationships and most successful relationships is having someone who does not always see eye to eye with you, but you both have a mutual respect for each other.  Someone that provides you the other side of the coin, a different perspective of looking at things, and be open to consciously seeing their perspective.
  6. Be NICE to your brokers and they will be nice to you.  You are all on the same team, even if you do not work for the same company; you work for the same client.
  7. Take PRIDE in your building, you see a piece of trash….pick it up!  Walk your buildings on a daily basis, and get up there on that roof and check it out.  Walk those mechanical rooms and electrical closets.  Men and women see things differently, not better or worse just differently.  An extra set of eyes never hurts.
  8. Last but not least, SAFETY FIRST!  Be proactive, be prepared, and be conscious of your surroundings.


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