Each and everyone one of us has to network on some level. It is, however crucial in the Real Estate field.

Every level that you touch within Real Estate has the ability to touch your market client basis.


Financial Industries-Lawyers-Owners-Brokers-Property Managers

Tax Consultants- General Contractors-Architects


We all have a part to play in the BIG picture, we each have a reach, a touch to our client basis.


♦Shouldn’t we all work together to increase our reach and assist in a betterment of the overall business?

♦How many organizations do you networks within?

♦Do you see the same people over and over again?

♦Are there organizations that you are not benefiting directly from but continue to participate because that is what every other persons does in that field?


 I believe it is very important to BREAK outside of the BOX!

Branch out to another networking group that is not as inundated with the same industry related fields.  Is that where you will find a new untapped market reach to your client(s)?

Just some questions to think about and discuss…..hope to hear your input and how you look and feel about your industry reach.


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