Employee Spotlight- Christine Spasoff


Employee Name: Christine Spasoff

Employee Title:  Property Supervisor

How Long Have You Been With AAM?  14 years

What Does Your Daily Work Routine Include?    Every day is different depending on the projects that are in progress or issues that arise, but on a daily basis I am working closely with the chief engineer and the building staffs (security and cleaning).  One of my major daily routines is “follow up” to make sure that everything gets done and nothing falls through the cracks.

What Do You Like Best About Your Job?   I like the variety because property managers wear a lot of hats.  We handle accounting, lease and contract administration, negotiations, building operational procedures, tenants requests, purchasing, organizing, etc.  I also really like the people I work with and property management requires team work in order to be successful.  The building staff members and my co-workers in the main office are very supportive and we all work very well together to keep things running smoothly.  I have also learned so many things that help me in my daily life in regard to HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing, etc.

What Do You Like Least About Your Job?  The chaos of construction projects which require a great deal of coordination due to the different tenancies in the building.   The operational hours of a 24/7 hotel and restaurant are not the same as an office tenant, so scheduling becomes a challenge. I also dislike vandalism very much!  I’ll never understand why people have such disrespect for another person’s property (and we’ve seen it all).

What Attributes Does Someone Need To Have In Order To Be Really Successful In Your Position? They need to be able to understand the bigger picture, multi-task, and prioritize.  Communication and organizational skills are very important, as well as anticipating issues in advance so that you ask the right questions in order to avoid  problems before they occur.

What Are Your Current Goals?  Learning more about social media, developing websites and blogging.

What Would You Do If You Did Not Do This Job?   If I didn’t need to earn a salary, I would explore  Italy and rejuvenate.  Anything to do with plants, trees, flowers and gardening.  I am fascinated with the whole process of watching things grow especially from a seed (it’s amazing).

What Do You Do For Fun Away From Work?  Spending time with family and friends, live theatre, movies, live music, gardening, and photography.

What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?    Opening up 20 West Kinzie which was under construction when I started working for the company.  It was quite a challenge considering it was my first encounter with new building development and a crash course in all things construction.  When I was hired I was starting from square one meaning I had no staff members, no office, no vendors, no building operational procedures, etc.  I eventually had an office on the 1st floor and it was “raw” space meaning no walls, no electric, no ceiling, no HVAC, and concrete floors.  It was a great deal of hours and frustrating at times but it was also a great learning  experience .

When You Were A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?  I wanted to own a baby’s clothing store.  I would set up a baby store in my basement with my doll clothes and antique cash register so I could play “store” with my cousin.   This may explain my love of shopping!

If You Had A Magic Wand, What Cartoon Character, Movie Star, Or Athlete Would You Become And Why?   Oprah because she has access to meet and interview the most amazing people.  It would be a great learning experience.


7 thoughts on “Employee Spotlight- Christine Spasoff

  1. Linda Day Harrison

    Wonderful interview and concept. I love the answers Christine has given and Cynthia is truly doing a bang job with the blog and getting everybody at AAM on board. I am so impressed with all you are doing with the brand and marketing for AAM. Congrats on this fine work!

  2. Deb & Tom Smith

    Great article on a fantastic woman!!! Miss seeing you Chris.

  3. Deb & Tom Smith

    Great article on a fantastic woman! Miss seeing you Chris.

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