Employee Spotlight – Joanne M. Cusack

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Employee Name: Joanne M. Cusack
Employee Title: Property Manager
How Long Have You Been With AAM? 21 years

What Does Your Daily Work Routine Include? My day starts at 8:00 a.m. reviewing what needs to get accomplished that day, such as a report, talking with an owner, and following up on work orders that the building engineers need to complete. But of course it never turns out that way, every day is different, and some days what you plan doesn’t happen because there is a crisis at a building, or the owner needs information, or you need to meet someone at the building for the owner. It is different every day!

What Do You Like Best About Your Job? Every day brings something new and challenging, whether it’s the people I encounter from my different owners, to the tenants and contractors. And of course my fellow co-workers!

What Do You Like Least About Your Job? Being interrupted when you are in the middle of something and you need to drop everything to work on a new project.

What Attributes Does Someone Need To Have In Order To Be Really Successful In Your Position? I think personality and the ability to think quickly in certain situations. Someone who is happy and can smile even when their day isn’t going the way they want it to.

What Are Your Current Goals? My goal is to continue working with my owners to oversee the operation and maintenance of their property according to their objectives.

What Would You Do If You Did Not Have This Job? I would be retired and living in a warmer climate, but if I retire now I would stay at home and watch my soon-to-be grandson for my son and daughter-in-law!

What Do You Do For Fun Away From Work? My husband and I love to sit on our patio (weather permitting) on Friday nights in front of a fire and have a few drinks! We play cards with our friends once a month. I also enjoy reading crime and romance novels!

What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment? My greatest accomplishment happened many years back. I saved the company money on janitorial supplies and trash removal. I spent a few days looking into dumpsters (literally) to see if we had the correct container for the tenants at each building. Then I worked closely with the janitorial supply companies to reduce our cost and purchase the same products for each location. It was a lot of hard work but it paid off in the end and the company saved 15% that year on supplies and trash removal.

When You Were A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up? I wanted to work for the airlines when I was in high school.

If You Had a Magic Wand, What Cartoon Character, Movie Star, Or Athlete Would You Become And Why? If I had a magic wand, I’d have enough money not to work, but as far as being someone else, I like my life the way it is! I’m happy just being me!

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